NPR logo Ron Paul Raised More Than $8 Million In 3rd Qtr

Ron Paul

Ron Paul Raised More Than $8 Million In 3rd Qtr

Rep. Ron Paul continues to collect impressive sums of campaign cash, a testament to the enthusiasm he spurs in many voters who have rallied to his libertarian ideas.

The congressman from Texas began a speech at the National Press Club in Washington Wednesday by saying his campaign raised more than $8 million during the third quarter which ended on September 30.

"I've been told by the staff that we've collected over $8 million and also that our number of donors to the campaign now is over 100,000. So we are very pleased with that and believe that will give us the energy to keep the campaign moving right along since right now there's a lot of energy with our volunteers, with our organization and we have a lot of energy associated with our young people on college campuses. So that will continue."

Paul seemed almost apologetic in giving the numbers saying, "I'm not very good at remembering the details of campaigning because I get very much involved in economic policy and foreign policy and I don't talk a whole lot about the intricacies of the campaign..."

Which is exactly why many of Paul's supporters are attracted to him in the first place. It's for his positions on the Federal Reserve and Iraq and Afghanistan that they support him and donate money to his cause. Often taking unpopular views, as when he says the U.S. has invited some of the terrorist attacks on it with its foreign policy, he's a different kind of Republican presidential candidate.

Paul's third quarter money-raising results were significantly higher than political observers expected, according to reports.