NPR logo Barney Frank Video Moment For The Ages

Barney Frank Video Moment For The Ages

Rep. Barney Frank, the 16-term House Democrat who announced Monday that he won't be running for re-election, is known for not only not suffering those he considers fools but smiting them with some of the sharpest rhetoric you're ever likely to hear from a politician.

That being so, as he retires from Congress, he'll be leaving behind many good video moments.

One of the best, certainly, has to be his encounter, at an August 2009 community meeting with voters, with a woman who compared President Obama and the Affordable Care Act to Adolf Hitler and Nazi policy.

Frank asked the woman:

"... On what planet do you spend most of your time?"

And that was just the beginning. He wound up lecturing some of the noisier critics in the audience for disrupting the meeting. "Do you really think that's thoughtful conversation? Do you really think that advances your argument? I thought you were thoughtful people here to have a conversation..." It was vintage Frank.