NPR logo Conservative Video Paints Thrice-Wed Gingrich As GOP's Kim Kardashian

Conservative Video Paints Thrice-Wed Gingrich As GOP's Kim Kardashian

An evangelical pastor who led the successful fight to unseat three Iowa supreme court justices last year is now trying to stop Newt Gingrich's rising popularity with the Hawkeye State's Republican voters by making sure as many of them as possible see an anti-Gingrich video.

Cary Gordon, a pastor in Sioux City, is text-messaging a new video by conservative video artist Molotov Mitchell whose work is a regular feature on the very GOP red web site WorldNetDaily to Republicans across the state, according to a new release.

In the video, Mitchell savages Gingrich for his three marriages. One particular scorcher of a line:

"Mothers and fathers of America. Newt and Callista are the last role models we want our sons and daughters looking up to. Seriously, I can't stand Barack Obama but at least he doesn't trade in his wives like used cars."

Mitchell also calls Gingrich the "Kim Kardashian of the GOP" and knocks him for not signing a pledge to uphold heterosexual marriage.

What's more, Mitchell slams Gingrich for being an alleged "flip flopping opportunist" on policy matters as well, like climate change.

Gordon, the pastor, has endorsed Rick Santorum, the former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania, for the Republican nomination but he also has said he likes Rep. Michele Bachmann as well.

The preacher drew national widespread attention last year when he campaigned against the retention of three justices who were part of a unanimous ruling that upheld same-sex marriages in the state.

Gordon's activity in that case led advocates of church-state separation to complain to the Internal Revenue Service that he was abusing his church's tax-exempt status.