NPR logo Obama Raises Pressure On GOP House With #40dollars Twitter Hashtag

Obama Raises Pressure On GOP House With #40dollars Twitter Hashtag

President Obama is using the Twitter hashtag #40dollars to raise the pressure on House Republicans already under siege for not agreeing to a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut holiday.

Forty dollars is the amount the typical worker would see in his bi-weekly net pay reduced by without the extension, according to White House officials. And so they created the hashtag for tweeps to tell others what an extra $40 a pay period can buy.

On Wednesday evening, the president tweeted:

Everyone should see what #40dollars means to folks: groceries, daycare, gas, copays. Keep it going. I'll talk abt this tmrw @ 12:15ET. –bo

As indicated by his tweet, President Obama plans to continue increasing the flame under House Republicans not just through social media but an old-fashioned White House photo op. The Thursday presidential appearance by Obama, accompanied by real people talking about what the extra money means to them, was just another log on the fire under Speaker John Boehner and the Republican House members.

Among the tweets popping up, amid the anti-Obama countertweets, with the #40dollars hash tag:

@havronsm Summer Havron @whitehouse #40dollars = 1 month gas bill 4 heat, a tank of gas for a week of work, 1 week of food, or HSA $ for healthcare. Which do I cut?


@salukiscjc Colin J. Cerniglia @whitehouse #40dollars is more than I made during my entire shift at work tonight. Hard times... could use it!