NPR logo South Carolina Polls Put Romney, Gingrich In Tight Race

South Carolina Polls Put Romney, Gingrich In Tight Race

Political Wire reports that several polls suggest that the South Carolina contest for the Republican presidential nomination is closer than a CNN/Time poll released last week indicated.

An Insider Advantage poll done for The Augusta Chronicle and The Savannah Morning News shows Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in a statistical tie. Romney's support was put at 23 percent while Gingrich's was at 21 percent. The poll had a margin-of-error of 3.6 percent.

Last week's CNN/Time poll indicated that Romney had a substantial lead on the order of 18 percentage points.

Political Wire said two other polls not yet released also show a closer race along the lines of the Insider Advantage survey.

The Insider Advantage poll shows both Rep. Ron Paul of Texas and Rick Santorum, the former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania, tied at 13.5 percent.

Something that jumps out from the Insider Advantage poll is the sizable lead Gingrich has over Romney among voters aged 18 to 29. The poll gives Gingrich 31.7 percent support among that group versus 9.7 percent for Romney. Romney leads among all other age groups with his largest margin being about eight percentage points with voters aged 45 to 64.

We shouldn't make too much of that, however, until we see if other polls provide corroboration.