NPR logo Obama Briefly Becomes Soul-Singer-In-Chief

Obama Briefly Becomes Soul-Singer-In-Chief

Continuing his occasional series of musical tributes to famous American singers, President Obama sang the opening words of soul legend Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" at a campaign fundraiser Tuesday evening at New York City's iconic Apollo Theater in Harlem.

Green was in the audience and it was Obama's way of acknowledging him. As a presidential candidate, Obama did something similar when he sang a few notes of "Chain of Fools" for Aretha Franklin at a 2008 campaign rally.


Obama showed he can stay on message even while having fun.

With an election less than a year away, and before an an audience filled with members of the most loyal part of his political base, African-Americans, if he ever wanted to send a message to black voters, "Let's Stay Together" would be it, with it's opening line. "I, I'm so in love with you..."

His re-election hinges in part on how well African Americans and other voters that were part of the coalition he energized in 2008 return that love.