NPR logo Super PAC Tracker Allows You To Follow The Money

Super PAC Tracker Allows You To Follow The Money

If you're wondering how much money superPACs are spending in various primary states to influence the 2012 general election and where they're spending it, the journalism non-profit ProPublica has a useful tool for you, PAC Track.

The spending by Restore Our Future Inc., a pro-Mitt Romney superPAC, presently shows the huge money advantage Romney supporters have over supporters of his rivals for the Republican nomination. ROF by itself has pumped $5.1 million into Florida, according to the tool. The superPACs supporting the other candidates come nowhere close.

Winning Our Future, a superPAC supporting Newt Gingrich doesn't show up yet though that should change in a future update. Miriam Adelson, wife casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson recently announced a $5 million donation to WOF just in time to get ads on the air before next week's Florida primary.