NPR logo Nancy Pelosi 'Slams' Stephen Colbert's SuperPAC In 'Ad' For DISCLOSE Act

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Nancy Pelosi 'Slams' Stephen Colbert's SuperPAC In 'Ad' For DISCLOSE Act

In his effort to underscore the absurdities of the nation's campaign-finance laws, comedian Stephen Colbert has co-mingled his schtick with the reality of American politics — starting a superPAC and appearing in person at the Federal Election Commission, for instance.

Members of Congress, particularly Democrats, have played along with Colbert, even when he's used them as his foil.


House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi has turned the tables with a faux political ad on YouTube that promotes the DISCLOSE Act, a bill that would that would force corporate campaign donors to reveal themselves.

With Colbert's superPAC as a pretext, Pelosi says:

Colbert must be stopped. I'm Nancy Pelosi and I support this ad because Americans deserve a better tomorrow today. Join me in stopping Colbert and create a new politics free of special interest money. The first step is passing the DISCLOSE Act."

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