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Obama Raises $53 Million-Plus In March, Nearly All From Small Donors

President Obama's re-election operation raised more than $53 million dollars in March as his fundraising efforts appear to be showing significant increases month to month.

The March total made the month the first this year in which the Obama operation raised more than it did four years ago. In 2008, the campaign of then Sen. Obama raised $40 million.

The campaign made its announcement in a campaign video released early Monday. In the video, it emphasized that the money mostly came from small donors. It said 97 percent of the contributions were for $250 dollars or less.


But the grand total also includes five-figure contributions to the Democratic National Committee and state parties in battleground states.

Official reports for the Obama campaign and for Republican Mitt Romney are due at the Federal Election Commission by Friday midnight. The Romney campaign didn't respond to a request about their March fundraising.

With the more than $53 million it raised in March, the president's fundraising operation appeared to be gaining momentum from prior months.

It raised $45 million in February and the $29.1 million in January.

Based on the amounts collected in the previous two months, some Obama supporters had begun to fear that the campaign might face a more daunting challenge than it had expected in reaching its fundraising targets for the 2012 election. March's numbers may reduce some of those anxieties.