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Hello, internet! If you've stumbled across this blog, you're probably wondering what the heck this is... unlike Blog of the Nation or the Chengdu Diary, it's not affiliated with a show, and we don't have a specific niche, like Ketzel Levine or Leroy Sievers. Briefly, we're a bunch of folks from all over NPR who've had seven weeks to get our feet wet in all kinds of non-radio adventures... We're talking VIDEO, people, and photography, and Flash. It's been a wild ride — at times humbling, at times exhilarating — and we've learned a ton, naturally. Next week we return to our regular roles at our shows, and our ongoing challenge will be to figure out how to keep bringing more cool non-radio content to our show pages and blogs, in a way that enhances the overall NPR experience. Easy, right? Hardly. So, in the grand tradition of Rough Cuts, we're going to do it all right in front of you. We're going to post our projects, come clean about our difficulties (Will I ever make a video as good as the ones my classmates Roy Hurst and Frank Langfitt are making? Stay tuned...), celebrate our triumphs, and ask for your feedback. And in June, a fresh crop of Knights will take over, though we'll be dipping back in from time to time to update y'all on our whereabouts. Knights in training, keeping in touch... right?
To get the ball rolling, here's a sampling of our work that somehow made it to the big-time —
Lee Hill's taxi driver interview video for All Things Considered;
Caitlin Kenney's Bat Mitzvah release videos for The Bryant Park Project;
and Sarah Beyer Kelly, Laura Krantz, and Sarah Handel's "Put a Cork In It" wine tasting, vineyard tour, and wine recommendations for Weekend Edition Saturday.
So take a look at what we've done, and get ready to hear from all the Knights in this round of training!