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Bike Trail Puts in Speed Limits

Art Silverman, Jeff Brady and I shot the video and Quinn O'Toole and I put the flash project together. We produced two videos, which explain the story, but it's essentially about the introduction of a 15mph speed limit on the Capital Crescent Trail and user reaction. I produced the "Users React" button and frankly, it was painful. Adobe Premiere (AP) isn't very intuitive, at least not to me! I found AP's project page design to be too busy and the panels (timeline, viewing, program, sequence) too small. But the main problem was conceptualizing it. Then one evening after finishing the video while I was biking home I had an Aha! moment: suddenly my brain was connecting dalet and AP in a way that I hadn't before and it helped me understand how Adobe functions. For instance, the timeline area in Adobe is the equivalent of a multiple panel surfer in dalet; the viewing area in AP is a single surfer panel in dalet which I generally use to edit my tape, before dragging it to a multiple panel surfer to create an EDL, and the sequence area is my clipboard. All of a sudden things clicked in place— three weeks into our five-week training program. Got to go.