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Premiere Problems Peeve Producers

Since we're sitting here watching our movie convert out of Premiere — an hours-long enterprise— we thought this would be a good time to reflect on our experiences this week.

We discovered there are behaviors of Adobe Premiere that we don't yet fully understand.

Steve Proffitt, left, and Art Silverman, render video in Adobe Premiere. Photo by Jo Miglino. hide caption

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Photo by Jo Miglino.

Or, perhaps, it just doesn't understand us.

The video editing program seemed to freeze at least hourly for us. To defrost it, we always had to log out completely.

Also, the laptop often forgot it was attached to the external hard-drive.

Even after we locked the video and audio in Premiere, we found that when converted to a QuickTime movie, we lost sync.

And there was more.

Art's laptop could not be used to capture video.

And Steve developed an unexplained palsy.

We figure this can't be the program. It must be operator error.

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