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Ok, so it may not be the most creative use of the web ever — but our group has produced an honest-to-goodness, living-and-breathing web page. (Okay, it doesn't live and breathe ... but it was kinda fun.)

Monday on ATC, Jeff Brady will report on the McCain campaign's efforts to court young voters — a bloc that Barack Obama has a pretty strong hold on. The web page that goes with that story was written, produced, and entered into NPR's content management system by US. That's right — radio people! Using Seamus! (full disclosure: big assist by digital media's Maria Godoy — she's a peach.)

So, I'll post the link when it's live. Check it out — there's a video and an audio slideshow — in addition to the web text and the link to the radio story. It was a great experience, really seeing how works — and as we've suggested, would be a great task to add to future Knight training programs.