NPR logo Twitter: I Finally Care What You're Doing!

Twitter: I Finally Care What You're Doing!

Now that some things have sunk in, I've come to a disturbing realization: Twitter is something I have to get on.

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These fingers of mine have never pounded out a "tweet". I have never answered their mundane question, "What are you doing?" and I've been just fine with that.

I've even been admittedly a bit elitist about it...proud of the fact I saw Twitter as cliche as the "jump the shark" reference many people say it has now done.

Then along came Andy Carvin and everything changed.

Twitter just might be, as he points out, a bookers best friend — especially on the overnight.

For mass events, with many eye witnesses, we can tweet to those who are cranking out micro-updates of events on the ground. And if they're tweeting, they're awake! Plus, you've got a conduit where you can reach them and they can respond quickly to interview requests.

So to summarize, a searchable database of eye witnesses who are awake and want to talk. Boy I would have loved that when I was the overnight booker for Morning Edition.

Twitter, here I come. And I'm sorry.