Weekends Off: In The Dark

Sometimes, when it's a very sunny out and I'm driving, I get to thinking about shadows. If the day is really bright, and there's an overpass ahead casting a shadow that's extra-sharp, almost hard, I have this daydream that when I hit the shadow, my car might shatter.

It's not a feeling I share much, because it makes me seem crazy, but I'm guessing you've had the same thoughts. (Right? Could I be the only one?) Anyway, shadows have that effect; they make me think about borders, barriers, holes, and that's why, this being the weekend, I thought I'd share this little meditation on shadows from Malcolm Sutherland, a Canadian filmmaker and animator.

He calls his piece "Umbra" (latin for shadow). It takes place far, far away where there are stars and planets falling in and out of darkness. I think it wonderfully strange.



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