Chilean President Salvador Allende in February 1973. STR/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Members of the Salvadoran police squad "The Hawks" search suspected gang members in San Salvador. Jason Beaubien/NPR hide caption

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Soldiers walk past part of a message written in blood at the site of a massacre at a ranch in northern Guatemala on May 16. The message is a warning to Otto Salguero — the owner of the ranch, according to local media. Guatemalan authorities blame the killings on the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas. Moises Castillo/AP hide caption

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Alain Bouillard of France's air incident investigation bureau held a news conference on May 12 near Paris. On Friday, the agency, known as the BEA, released its first formal statement on the crash of Air France 447. Mehdi Fedouach/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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An ultralight aircraft with a basket outfitted for carrying pounds of marijuana crashed into a lettuce field north of San Luis, Ariz., three years ago. The number of ultralights illegally crossing into the U.S. nearly doubled last year. U.S. Border Patrol/AP hide caption

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Porfirio Ramirez sits before the camera on the set of the movie Porfirio, in which he plays himself. In 2005, Ramirez hijacked a Colombian airplane and demanded compensation from the government for the injury that paralyzed him. He claimed rogue police officers had shot him. Courtesy Franja Nomo hide caption

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The Soumaya Museum in Mexico City was designed by Carlos Slim's son-in-law and houses Slim's collection of more than 65,000 pieces. It is dominated by works from European and Mexican artists. Walter Shintani/LatinContent/Getty Images hide caption

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