Workers take a break at a coal mine operated by the Brazilian mining company, Vale, outside the city of Tete, Mozambique. Vlad Sokhin/for NPR hide caption

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Gilberto Morales Pedraza, 20, as Jesus Christ, leads the disciples through the streets of the Mexico City neighborhood of Ixtapalapa. This is the 168th year that residents of this neighborhood have re-enacted Christ's final days in Jerusalem, his crucifixion and his resurrection. Jason Beaubien/NPR hide caption

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Members of the Colombian music group Son Bata, including founder Jhon Jaime Sanches (bottom right). Courtesy of Son Bata hide caption

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Female prostitutes walk the streets of the red light district, Vila Mimosa, in Rio de Janeiro in 2009. Spencer Platt/Getty Images hide caption

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Members of Fidel Castro's militia gather in Cuba's Escambry Mountains during the ill-fated 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion. Three Lions/Getty Images hide caption

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Posters commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs in Havana on April 13. This weekend's Cuban Communist Party Congress is timed with the anniversary in mind. AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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A woman looks at old cars parked in front the National hotel during a classic car rally in Havana, Cuba, April 7. Javier Galeano/AP hide caption

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