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How to Avoid Huge Ships

I am not a librarian. I correct the spelling on the radio, which may help to explain my fondness for the surreal. Being a non-librarian, I will confess that I often use Wikipedia. It should not be relied upon for facts, but it can serve as a quick route for finding original source material, verifying proper names, and deciphering arcane terms.

This brings me to today's link: the Bookseller/Diagram Prize for Oddest Title of the Year. I am filled with delight. "The Theory of Lengthwise Rolling." "Versailles: The View From Sweden." In 2008, they re-recognized the 1996 winner, "Greek Rural Postmen and Their Cancellation Numbers." I eagerly await next year's announcement.

Pedantic readers may note that I used a serial comma in my first paragraph. It is not AP Style, nor is it proper NPR format, to use the "Oxford Comma." In this blog, however, I have given myself permission to do so. I am not endeavoring to remove ambiguity; I simply prefer it aesthetically.

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