Law Librarians To The Rescue! : As A Matter Of Fact A visit to our neighbors at the Georgetown University Law Library.
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Law Librarians To The Rescue!

Earlier this week we were looking for sound of Senator Edward Kennedy's "Robert Bork's America" speech from 1987. The Congressional Record provided two dates: one was a calendar date of July 1, 1987, the other a legislative day of June 23, 1987. Which was right?

Fortunately we didn't have to wait long to get the question answered as Mary Glendinning and I already had a date to visit Georgetown University's Law Library — just up the street from NPR. In a former life I was a librarian at a law firm and I was curious to see what's new in law libraries. Sara Sampson and her colleagues treated us to a fantastic visit, and promised to share any scoops they hear regarding future Supreme Court nominees.
Oh, and the answer to my question is right here.