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Driveway Moment Becomes A Movie

Filmmaker and screenwriter Bill Haney was driving home in rush-hour traffic in Boston, listening to NPR, when a story came on about a working single mom in Texas who'd been unjustly accused of dealing drugs. He was so moved by it he pulled over to the side of the road and began to cry. He tells an interviewer at the Philadelphia Film Festival that the radio piece inspired him to make the movie "American Violet," premiering April 17, which tells the real-life tale of the wronged mom, Regina Kelly, and stars Alfre Woodard and Nicole Beharie.

The piece he heard back in November, 2002 was by NPR correspondent Wade Goodwyn, who is based in Texas. Wade profiled Ms. Kelly and other minorities who had been targeted by a local drug task force in order to get thousands in federal funding.

More on the movie and its key players can be found in Wade's update today, In A Texas Town, A Film Premiere Hits Home.