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Oregon Teenagers Explain Love, Life

In the news business people worry about having a "peg" for their stories, some current event or anniversary that situates your story inside what's relevant to listeners. News isn't "apropos of nothing." Thankfully, I'm not in news, I'm in the library so I can share with you this classic 1983 meditation on love by teenagers in Eugene, OR.

First, let's set the mood with a quiz:

Which of these most adequately describes the feeling that humans have come to call "love":
a. "a really big birthday cake with candles and drippy frosting that is sickeningly sweet... but you just eat it and eat it and eat it, and then you get sick."
b. "walking down school halls, seeing someone catches that your eye, and slowly getting to know them—saying 'hi' once in a while. It's like.........WOW."
c. "anything anyone says, you feel happy about it."
d. a driving beat in the music bed.

Everybody picked your answers? Ok, press play to find out more (I've left the dead roll music in there so you can do a little dance after life's greater mysteries are revealed):



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Puppy Love - February 14, 1983 All Things Considered by M'Lou Zahner-Ollswang



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