At The SLA Conference : As A Matter Of Fact NPR Librarians are at conference this week.
NPR logo At The SLA Conference

At The SLA Conference

This week, some of the NPR librarians are attending the annual Special Libraries Association conference, here in DC. It's the centennial of the organization and the 85th anniversary for the News Division — whose members work in the print, broadcast, and online news media, and who don't have much to celebrate these days.

The conference kicked off with a tour of the NPR libraries on Saturday, and last night the keynote address was by former Secretary of State Colin Powell. He was funny and charming, and really spoke to the audience. He talked about bringing the State Department into the digital age and the importance of the human connection between leader and follower. He also told us that the work we do is essential — and sounded as if he really believes it.

Today I attended a session on voting technology, and this afternoon there's one about the 2010 census. Tomorrow, there are meetings on social networking as research tools, time management practices, and a talk by an editor of The Onion. We also have lots of opportunities to chat with our vendors and give them feedback and suggestions. Plus plenty of time to socialize with friends and colleagues from around the world. It's actually a great way to spend a few days!