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Visiting Librarians From All Over The World

Today, we had the pleasure of hosting a visit from three State Department librarians who work overseas in US embassies — Mike Lynskey from Australia; Hee Yeon Park from South Korea; and Akemi Noda from Japan. They're in Washington for a few weeks of training and networking, and came to NPR to see how we use social media and new technologies to do our job. My colleague Maureen Clements and I talked about using wiki software to share information with the newsroom, how we follow other libraries on Twitter, and (of course) we showed them our blog! A very nice meeting with three very interesting librarians — it made me want to visit their embassies and watch them at work!

Shown: Maureen Clements; Hee Yeon, Park; Kee Malesky; Mike Lynskey; Akemi Noda Katie Daugert hide caption

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