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Investing in a Child's Imagination

Public libraries have become more important in communities around the country during this tough economic time. Still states are forced to cut budgets therefore reducing library services and/or closing library branches.

I was pleasantly surprised to catalog a story broadcast on Weekend All Things Considered highlighting one community that is making a significant investment to ensure future generations continue to explore and grow their imagination at their library.

One small town in Colorado just opened a new library building funded mostly by taxpayers. The Spanish Peaks Library in Walsenburg, Colorado opened their new location at the end of June. The community decided to take the old high school building that was going to be torn down and convert it to a new library funded through a $1.75 million bond issue which will take 20 years for them to pay back.

Pictures of the construction of the new building as well as the new interior and the ribbon cutting ceremony can be found on their website. Looking through the pictures, I loved the concept of having a giant chess set in the middle of the children's section of the library as well as the bright and bold colors throughout the library's decor.

Freelancer reporter Theresa Schiavone produced a wonderful profile of the library and the town of Walsenburg which explains the focus on children within the new building as well as the commitment the community has made to keep a public library functioning for many years to come. Take a listen to the story that aired on Weekend All Things Considered last Sunday.