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Pun Facts About Hockey

Here is a great example of an unexpected factoid—something you would normally not even think to wonder about—making a cool news item, from the NYT:

According to sales figures from stick manufacturers, a majority of Canadian hockey players shoot left-handed, and a majority of American players shoot right-handed. No reason is known for this disparity, which cuts across all age groups and has persisted for decades.

Add in some puns about "lefties in Canada" and their right-winger breathren down here, and you've got pure journalism gold. The only thing I wonder is how they got the info on the hand-preferences of the Olympic team members. It's not noted in the team roster or any other published source. Would you call the coach? Review hours of hockey footage? Or if you're a hockey fan, do you just know that kind of thing... as published in the Almanac of Nutty Sports Fans' Brains.