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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (left) hugs Annette Bebout, 73, of Newton, during a campaign event at Berg Middle School, in Newton, Iowa, this week. Bebout told her story to the audience of how she lost her home. Paul Sancya/AP hide caption

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A mother watches a video taken of herself playing with her daughter while at Bellevue Hospital in New York for a checkup. Brenda Woodford provides coaching on parenting skills. Courtesy of Children of Bellevue Archives hide caption

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Nyumah (left) and Sahr, just a few days after the dramatic bonfire ceremony that restored their friendship. Sara Terry/Catalyst for Peace hide caption

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Fambul Tok: Forgiveness And 'Family Talk' In Sierra Leone

Following 11 years of brutal civil war, perpetrators and victims are forging peace around bonfires across Sierra Leone.

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(Top, left) In an exercise designed to open up the conversation between veterans and teenagers, Navy veteran Jamal McPherson waits for others to ask him questions. (Top, right) Veteran Mikhail Dasovich, who served as a Marine in Sangin in Afghanistan, shares his tattoos with participants. (Bottom) Bocanegra speaks at the start of the day's program. Alyssa Schukar for NPR hide caption

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A pharmacist counts pain pills. In an effort to curb the abuse of Oxycontin, Vicodin and other opioid painkillers, some health plans in Massachusetts now limit a patient's initial prescription to a 15-day supply, and plan to halve that number in February. Gabe Souza/Getty Images hide caption

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The routines that students learn at Dance for PD classes in Venice, Calif., can be quite challenging, instructors say. Courtesy of Joe Lambie and Laura Karlin hide caption

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The effects of opioid abuse can go unnoticed at work. George Doyle/Getty Images hide caption

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In researching their book, Caren Zucker and John Donvan tracked down Donald Gray Triplett (center), the first person officially diagnosed with autism. Now in his 80s, Triplett has had a long, happy life, Donvan says, maybe partly because his hometown embraced him from the beginning as " 'odd, but really, really smart.' " Courtesy of Penguin Random House hide caption

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