Magritte's 1964 painting The Intimate Newspaper gets us thinking: Who is this? A familiar friend or a complete stranger? Rene Magritte/Corbis hide caption

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In general, researchers have found that kids understand the need for some rules, particularly safety rules like not hitting other children. But when it comes to parents dictating what a child should wear or who they should play with, many kids resist. hide caption

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An actor prepares to receive "shocks" from the audience on a fake TV game show, staged for a French documentary. Psychologists have questioned the ethics of such experiments because of possible mental trauma suffered by participants. Christophe Russeil, HO/AP hide caption

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In response to reports of cars unexpectedly surging forward, researchers set up some experiments to study the problem. The results were somewhat surprising. hide caption

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In drug-testing, the researchers usually don't know which patients get the drug and which get the placebo. hide caption

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There's still debate about whether men who commit sexual assault on college campuses are predators, or men who got drunk and made a mistake. Getty Images hide caption

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Margaux's parents were shocked at how few options there were for their daughter to prosecute the man who sexually assaulted her. Joseph Shapiro/NPR hide caption

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Bipolar may not be the right diagnosis for some kids, according a panel of experts with the American Psychiatric Association. hide caption

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Olympic gold medal freestyle skier Nikki Stone now coaches athletes on how to stay calm during the games. Courtesy of Nikki Stone hide caption

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