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Isabelle, 9, has a rare genetic disorder called Williams syndrome. One of the symptoms is that people have an inability to distrust anyone, even strangers. Isabelle often picks at her hands as a means of relieving stress. Jesse Neider/for NPR hide caption

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Paul Law, director of the Interactive Autism Network, and his wife, Kiely Law, changed the direction of their careers after having a child with autism. IAN seeks to facilitate research on autism spectrum disorders. Gail Burton/AP hide caption

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Many people with a hoarding anxiety disorder need to take baby steps in order to cope with organization — like cleaning a bit at a time, rather than getting rid of everything at once. Grap/Wikimedia Commons hide caption

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Magritte's 1964 painting The Intimate Newspaper gets us thinking: Who is this? A familiar friend or a complete stranger? Rene Magritte/Corbis hide caption

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