Dr. Ray Dorsey video chats with his patient, Victor Jarzombeck, from his office at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore. Dorsey has been treating Jarzombeck, who lives nearly 350 miles away in New Hartford, N.Y., for three years. Maggie Starbard/NPR hide caption

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Robert Dixon Sr. holds a photograph of his son, Robert Dixon Jr. (far right), his son's mentor Bob Stuart, and himself (far left). Lianne Milton for NPR hide caption

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South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford admitted to having an extramarital affair in June 2009. Out of Character quotes his friend Tom Davis as saying, "I never would have expected something like this. This is not in character for Mark Sanford." Davis Turner/Getty Images hide caption

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Janet Ohlsen, pictured here in 2009 after completing a triathalon, has battled depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. After a long search for mental health care, Ohlsen found a psychotherapist with whom she clicked. Courtesy of Janet Ohlsen hide caption

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