When The Levees Broke: The rate of suicide in 2008 and 2009 in Orleans Parish was about twice as high as it was the two years before the levees broke.  Above, the 17th Street Canal Levee. Mario Tama/Getty Images hide caption

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Children light candles to observe India's first National Mental Health Awareness Day, in New Delhi on Aug. 6. Anupam Nath/AP hide caption

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Resident exorcist Muthalama at the temple at Hanumanthapuram in rural Tamil Nadu claims she can purge the possessed of evil spirits. She uses the trident, or three-pronged spear, and the neem leaves she holds in her right hand. The red and yellow powder on her forehead indicates her holy status. Miranda Kennedy for NPR hide caption

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This composite image of brain scans shows two traits of a highly impulsive individual. The cool colors in the midbrain are indicative of a decrease in dopamine receptor levels while the warm colors show elevated levels of dopamine in a different part of the brain called the striatum. Joshua W. Buckholtz and David H. Zald hide caption

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Ron Capps spent 25 years in the Foreign Service and the Army Reserve. Like many other soldiers, he suffers from PTSD, but unlike some others he asked for help. Courtesy of Ron Capps hide caption

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