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Let's Figure Out This Bailout Bill

You can read the entire compromise bailout bill.

It is a bit longer than the three-page version it started as.

I would love to hear from experts on various aspects of the bill. Please comment here or email us at

We're happy to hear your opinions, but I am hungry for insider and professional views.

Some thoughts:

- Anyone with government contracting experience: what does it mean to allow the Treasury Secretary to abandon FAR. They didn't even allow that in Iraq during the war.

- Lawyers: what language in this bill strikes you as odd. For one, I'm curious about Sec. 101(b). The Treasury Secretary has to "consult." I'm not seeing the strong oversight I expected. Am I missing something?

Please help us!!!!

I know that a common-sense approach to reading these documents is going to miss a lot of technical language that holds within it fascinating stories.

Send the request to your cousin or your friend from college or whoever might have some good, professional ability to analyze some of the hidden gems here.