NPR logo Thought We Weren't Looking, Didn't You?

Thought We Weren't Looking, Didn't You?

Look over there, those guys want $700 billion.

Don't pay attention to us over here, we only want $25 billion.

What a great week for the (formerly) Big 3 auto companies.



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hey adam looks like you have the night shift (or has it been the day and night shift lately).
Yes I did see that on the nytimes - I remember laughing when I read an article in the Denver Post several years ago..with a quote from a GM exec on why they were going to continue to increase their production of SUVs despite the jump in gas prices..
One does wonder when we are going to stop rewarding incompetence..oh yeah maybe after we stop rewarding fraud, financial chicanery - whatever we are calling it (not a bailout, eh).
So far I am loving planet money - I hope it grows
(remember it will always take longer for people to catch-on than you thought it would).

Sent by peggy | 12:12 AM | 9-25-2008

With George Bush and the Republicans facing a maddening public and an obvious chance of losing the White House, this plan reeks of a final gratuity to Bush's constituents; a final thank you for their support!

Sent by Walter James | 6:47 AM | 9-25-2008