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World Leaders Summiting (we think..)

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The press were originally told to expect a morning public Plenary Session where the world leaders would be making pre-prepared statements. That apparently got scrapped, probably not a bad idea.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters the leaders are working on a list of 50 things that would be implemented before the end of March.

What's on that list?

There's a lot of talk about taking steps to make the global financial system more transparent. It's unclear if they'll commit to actually opening their wallets. Last weekend China said it would undertake a $586 billion stimulus package over the next two years.

The event itself is around the corner from our offices here in DC at the National Building Museum but there is only room in there for the White House press corps and their foreign equivalents. The State Department set up a filing center for the scores of other reporters in town. The photo above shows a camera set up by an Indonesian reporter, which was pointing at a TV showing a stage at the summit.

Just after I took it the world leaders walked out onto that stage for a brief photo. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the Indonesian president stood two down from President Bush.

Yudhoyono gave a speech yesterday calling for a new fund to help "middle income countries."

Indonesia is the world's third largest democracy, and the largest economy in southeast Asia.