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World Summit Agreement... and a Fist Bump

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According to the official pool report "French President Sarkozy initiated a fist-bump with Bush, who bumped back."

Here's the text of the agreement.

A lot of the details are 'to-be-figured-out-later.' The pledges include one for greater transparency, and oversight of ratings agencies.

There is a short list of specific items to be completed by March 31, 2009 including the establishment of a supervisory group to monitor "all major cross-border financial institutions."

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said "2008 will go down in history as the year in which the world understood that we are fairly and squarely in the 21st century." (I went to his press conference at the posh Willard Hotel - that's the view from the back of the room above. Some, presumably French, chefs from the kitchen snuck in to try to get a glimpse of the guy.)

Where was I?

Oh, the leaders said they thought economic stimulus (building new roads, mailing out checks.. that sort of thing) were a good idea. But Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission said each country would have to decide what was right.

"Some countries have more room for maneuver, have more ability to do this." Barroso said, pointing out that things are bad enough that some European countries are getting assistance from the International Monetary Fund.

Stories from us here and on All Things Considered this evening.

Here's some color from the pool report if your eyes start to glaze...

Color wrapup moments of day:

At photo op of all world leaders, French President Sarkozy initiated a fist-bump with Bush, who bumped back.

The photo op was done twice. At first, Argentina's president was missing, but it wasn't realized. Photos were taken. Bush did the host thing of graciously herding people off stage. Some confusion among leaders as it became clear what had happened. Bush and others were chuckling at the small mishap and they returned to new redo shot with her.

Variety of protests along motorcade and at White House, including against China policies and against California voters banning same-sex marriage.

Last, Washington weather today ranged from dreary, to drizzly, to hard rain.