First, They Stop The Coffee : Planet Money A listener Tweets the closing of her company
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First, They Stop The Coffee

A Twitter friend of mine sends this news clip. It's about her former employer in Ohio, which sent the workers an e-mail over New Year's saying that it was closing and everyone was out of a job. The reporter in this story questions whether the company, a publisher, gave employees the legally required notice.

After the jump, a series of messages she sent over Twitter.

Monday, Dec. 29: "(1) Found out while I was off my co. quit paying coffee service, so they quit delivering. Brought my own coffee to brew today."

Monday, Dec. 29: "(2) They'll take the coffee makers next, so several of us at work plan to chip in & buy our own pot. Just happy to have job @ this point."

Tuesday, Dec. 30: "Email to all staff: . . . All staff terminated. New buyer negotiating. May get called back to new owner."

Friday, Jan. 9: "I'm in unemployment lines in OH, not MI, but the Job Center in Dayton, OH, is packed. Plus system crashes. Today a threat emptied bldg."