Waiting To Buy : Planet Money A listener checks in after a shopping trip with his mom.
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The folks at High Frequency Economics noted this week that the perception of deflation creates deflation. Listener David Melito seconds that, in an e-mail with the subject line "My Mother's Hallway Mirror." He writes:

I was chatting with my mother the other day and she said to me that she had her eye on a hallway mirror at [deleted]. She said "I know that they are about to declare bankruptcy so I am waiting for the clearance sale. You have to wait awhile for them to really cut the prices."

It got me to thinking if my mother is buying a hallway mirror from a company that is going out of business. That means she is NOT giving money to a company that is trying to stay in in business. She can't be the only person making these types of decisions.

Where does this end?