NPR logo Why Not Us? Military Contractors Won't Get Stimulated

Why Not Us? Military Contractors Won't Get Stimulated

I thought EVERYBODY was getting a piece of the financial stimulus. (even us).

Well, according to Congressional Quarterly, defense contractors are not so lucky.

To be sure, some defense companies had sought to obtain weapons funding in the stimulus bill, particularly after the Obama transition team asked military acquisition offices for information on projects that might create jobs, said lobbyists who requested anonymity.

"In December, defense lobbyists went nuts," one said.

But it became clear that weapons projects were not what the Obama team was looking for, they said. And justifying such spending was difficult after the increases of recent years.


the Aerospace Industries Association has spent nearly $2 million on ads to convince decision makers that the defense sector plays an important role in the economy. The group is under no illusions that the rate of growth in defense spending since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks can be sustained, but it hopes to limit the cutbacks.