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Keynes Biography

I am still shocked at how many people have been so angry at me and Alex for our biography of Keynes.

Look: the guy is a complicated and, sometimes, difficult personality. He had some disgusting views. To me, it's obvious that that is worth commenting on. It doesn't automatically disqualify his theories. But it's not irrelevant.

Anyway, many have asked us what they should read to judge the man themselves.

The only choice (as far as I know) is Robert Skidelsky's excellent, lovely, totally readable biography of Keynes.

I think the abridged version (at a hefty 1000+ pages) is fine. No need to read the full 3-volumes unless you really, really want to.

I'd be eager to hear what other people think of the man. The book made me dislike Keynes more than I expected I would. Too snobby, narrow-minded, elitist. Although he was clearly charming at times and brilliant. Others tell me they love the man portrayed in the book.

What do you think?