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When You're The One Left

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Via Rep. Nancy Pelosi's blog

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A listener writes:

my company has been steadily downsizing since the new year—laying off three or four people (of about 150) every few weeks. i am part of a team that originally had two [people]; my co-[worker] was laid off and as a result, i'm finding myself with twice as much work to do. i have a feeling that many workers "left over" after downsizing are experiencing the same thing—they're having to do the work that the laid off workers would have done, in addition to their own jobs. while my company has laid off people, limited the hours we can work daily, and are considering making salary cuts, they don't yet seem to realize that less time and less employees generally means production will slow down. because of this, i and the other "survivors" are doing more work, in less time, and for less money.

I've so been there, and I'm guessing any number of you have, too. Chart proves it.