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Kids Make The Darndest Financial Responsibility Posters

A runner up in the 2009 NFCC National Financial Literacy Poster Contest. Lindsay Appleton/NFCC hide caption

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Lindsay Appleton/NFCC

PM contributor Chana Joffe-Walt pointed us to this contest, sponsored by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. School kids across the country come up with a poster to illustrate the phrase "I'm Going To Be A Millionaire Because I..." It's kind of like a local talent contest version of the weird Feed The Pig ads where people hand money over to a porcine fellow dressed in a pink seersucker suit.

Most of the posters are pretty straightforward — laying out a plan that might plausibly lead to financial success somewhere down the line. But we like this one best, and would like to encourage the idea that puns are the surest route to riches.