Mark-To-Market, Country Style : Planet Money A musical plea to FASB on mark-to-market regulation.
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Mark-To-Market, Country Style

We've been talking a lot about mark-to-market accounting lately — the rule that gives banks and businesses leeway in estimating future profits and taking credit for them right away.

Now comes this musical message for the Financial Accounting Standards Board by country singer Merle Hazard (a.k.a. Jon Shayne).

Lyrics, etc., after the jump.

For your "Mark to Market" sing-along:

"Don't mark our love to market, don't kiss our love goodbye. You're still the one I dream of, please give me one more try. I know that I'm no good for you, I've never been naive. But I can't face the real world yet, let's live in make believe. Don't write me off, that is my plea. Though I'm as worthless as I can be. I mess around and drink a lot, I sit at home and cry. Don't mark our love to market, don't kiss our love goodbye."

Shayne, a Wall Street investor, appeared on NPR's Morning Edition in 2007.