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Planet Money Mugs?

Lisa Fleisher writes:

man, you guys need to get some branded gear into the NPR shop. I'm sure you could come up with some really clever ideas.

Calculators, mugs, ted spread blankets (get it?), or maybe ted spread jams (tee hee). Dollhouse "piggy" banks. Adam Davidson bobbleheads. OK not really that last one.

But I'd totally buy a PM coffee tumbler.

I've been wanting a darn t-shirt for months now. Hopefully we can organize soon. What would you all like to see?

Lisa's note prompted some emails among the staff here:

We should allow for very complicated purchase agreements, where they buy on layaway but can put it down as collateral and get a loan which we finance through a synthetic cdo cubed insured by fannie and Freddie.


No one knows what the gifts are. We put them in a big room, rate the room AAA and allow people to buy shares.


We could even offer people stock certificate type things declaring that they own traunches of pledge gifts. Collateralized mugs... you may have lots of mugs, but it's impossible to tell which mug is yours!

For that matter we could just get a bunch of gifts, blend them into dust and then sell them in various proportions.

Maybe a reverse auction?