Quits Rate: Low & Steady : Planet Money Even if you hate your job, you're likely staying put -- the government has the numbers to prove it.
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Quits Rate: Low & Steady

The so-called quits rate leveled out in February. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports today that the same percentage of the workforce left a job in February voluntarily as did so in January. The quits rate covers everyone who gives up an ID card for reasons other than getting canned, or retiring, or dying.

If you've got a job these days, you're likely clinging to it, regardless of whether you like it. (See also: Planet Money pal Dan Pashman's recent "Should You Feel Guilty About Having a Job?.")

Job openings showed little change, as well. They're down 35 percent from peak, in August 2007. One bright spot: Hires in manufacturing edged up, from 115,000 in January to 140,000 in February.