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The Stimulus Package At Work

Chris B writes:

I am a computer consultant, my specialty is installing hospital computer systems, in particular Emergency Department Systems, as an independent consultant for one of the big three Hospital Information systems.

I am a nurse with 10 years clinical experience and have been working with this system for 18 years. I have been in IT full time for 10 years.I travel to a hospital each week for 6 months to a year, helping to get the physicians and nurses to understand the potential of the system, to reconcile their expectations of the system with what can actually be achieved. The final product is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

In July 2008, I was finishing up a job in Texas and was being recruited to work in Los Angeles. That job fell through. For the next six months I chased jobs all over the US. did manage a couple of 2 day jobs in the 6 months.

In January, I started a two week job in the Los Angeles area that will now last a year. This facility has figured out that the work that I do for them in the next six to nine months will give them a payback of $5 million dollars in the next 5 years from the stimulus package.

It was reported to me that the stimulus dollars will initially would be a premium on reimbursement, later transitioning to a penalty if a facility is not all electronic.