NPR logo Got A Riddle? Ask Economist Emily Oster.

Got A Riddle? Ask Economist Emily Oster.

Emily Oster loves a good riddle. The Chicago Booth School of Business professor is part of a growing wave of economists using the dismal science to explain some of life's most stubborn mysteries, including ones that might not seem to have much to do with economics.

In the TED talk above, for example, she applies a cost-benefit analysis to the question of why African men have been slow to change their sexual behavior in the AIDS epidemic.

Now Oster's coming to Planet Money. We're talking to her on Friday for what we hope will be the first in a series of conversations.

Send us your riddles, whether they're explicitly economic or not. Wondering why post offices don't add more self-serve machines? Or why restaurants give you so much free bread but charge for each extra vegetable? This is your chance to get answers.

We'll ask Oster to field a few of your conundrums and present the results in an upcoming podcast.

E-mail us, tweet us, Facebook us, or hit the comments below, please. This'll be fun.