Like A Country Music Song: What Stays, What Goes In A Recession

File under "obvious," I think:

Americans Resigned to Retiring Later, but Unwilling to Sacrifice Current Lifestyle

That's from an ING Direct survey of 10 countries, including 1,052 people in the U.S. ING says 29 percent of Americans report the recession is tanking their romantic relationships, compared to 12 percent of Germans and 23 percent of Canadians. Asked which three things they'd give up last to save money, Americans say they'll cling to their pets and their vehicles — at 22 percent and 30 percent, respectively, rates that outpace every other country in the survey.

There's a country music song in there, somewhere.

Seriously now, this is the kind of thing that goes after the jump, right? Let's call it "American Economy Blues," after Merle Hazzard:.

"I'll give up my wife for you/ you dirty old recession. But don't you take my dog or truck/ 'cause they're my last possessions."

That's the chorus. Who's got a verse?



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