Treasury Issues A New 'Bad Guy' List, With A Lot Of A.K.A.'s : Planet Money The Treasury Department released its new list of people you're forbidden to do business with. It's not easy rendering some of the names for English speakers.
NPR logo Treasury Issues A New 'Bad Guy' List, With A Lot Of A.K.A.'s

Treasury Issues A New 'Bad Guy' List, With A Lot Of A.K.A.'s

The Treasury Department just released its updated "bad guy list" of suspected terrorists and people we're not allowed to do business with.

Some of the people have more A.K.A.'s than you'd find in a James Bond film — though that seems mostly due to confusion about how to write an Arabic name for English speakers. Like, is it "Mousab" or "Mossab" or "Mus'ab," or maybe "Mossaab"?

This guy has 46 A.K.A's:

ABD EL-OUADOUD, Abi Mossaab (a.k.a. ABD AL-WADOUB, Abdou Moussa; a.k.a. ABD EL OUADOUD, Abou Mossab; a.k.a. ABD EL OUADOUD, Abou Mousab; a.k.a. ABD-ALWADUD, Abu-Mus'ab; a.k.a. ABDEL ELWADOUD, Abu Mossaab; a.k.a. ABDEL WADOUD...

Abou Mossab; a.k.a. ABDEL WADOUD, Abou Moussaab; a.k.a. ABDELMALEK, Drokdal; a.k.a. ABDELMALEK, Droukdal; a.k.a. ABDELMALEK, Droukdel; a.k.a. ABDELOUADODUD, Abu Mussaab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abi Mousaab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abou Mossaab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abou Mossab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abou Mousaab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abou Moussab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abou Musab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abu Mossab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUD, Abu Mus'ab; a.k.a. ABDELOUADOUDE, Abou Moussaab; a.k.a. ABDELOUDOUD, Abu Musab; a.k.a. ABDELWADOUD, Abou Mossab; a.k.a. ABKELWADOUD, Abou Mosaab; a.k.a. ABOU
MOSSAAB, Abdelwadoud; a.k.a. ABOU MOSSAAH, Abdelouadoud; a.k.a. ABOU
MOSSAB, Abdelouadoud; a.k.a. ABU MUSAB, Abdelwadoud; a.k.a. DARDAKIL, Abdelmalek;
a.k.a. DERDOUKAL, Abdelmalek; a.k.a. DEROUDEL, Abdel Malek; a.k.a. DOURKDAL,
Abdelmalek; a.k.a. DRIDQAL, Abd-al-Malik; a.k.a. DROKDAL, 'Abd-al-Malik; a.k.a.
DROKDAL, Abdelmalek; a.k.a. DROUGDEL, Abdelmalek; a.k.a. DROUKADAL, Abdelmalek;
a.k.a. DROUKBEL, Abdelmalek; a.k.a. DROUKDAL, Abdelmalek; a.k.a. DROUKDAL,
Abdelmalik; a.k.a. DROUKDEL, Abdel Malek; a.k.a. DROUKDEL, Abdelmalek; a.k.a.
DROUKDEL, Abdelouadour; a.k.a. DRUKDAL, 'Abd al-Malik; a.k.a. DURIKDAL, 'Abd al-Malik;
a.k.a. OUDOUD, Abu Musab; a.k.a. "ABDELWADOUD, Abou"), Meftah, Algeria;
DOB 20 Apr 1970; POB Meftah, Algeria; alt. POB Khemis El Khechna, Algeria; nationality
Algeria (individual) [SDGT]

The document is officially called the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons list, or SDN for short. Treasury has an extensive FAQ describing how you can tell if someone you're doing business with is really a match.