NPR logo AIG Makes A Profit In Second Quarter

AIG Makes A Profit In Second Quarter

We're all about the July unemployment numbers, due out at 8:30 today. But there are a few others worth your attention:

The recession appears to be affecting the U.S. birthrate — since 2007, the nation has seen about 2 percent fewer babies born.

The former head of AIG, Hank Greenberg, has settled with the SEC over charges that he manipulated earnings reports. Neither admitting nor denying wrongdoing, Greenberg agreed to pay $15 million. Meanwhile, AIG clocked a profit of $1.82 billion (WSJ, subs. requ'd.)last quarter, after losing money for six straight quarters. Congratulations, Uncle Sam, which owns 80 percent of the insurer.

The White House estimates that $100 billion of the $787 billion stimulus package has made its way into the economy.

The Chinese sovereign-wealth fund, China Investment Corp. lost 2.1 percent on its global portfolio last year (WSJ, subs. requ'd.).