NPR logo Recession Gives Planet (Brief) Break On Climate Change

Recession Gives Planet (Brief) Break On Climate Change

Good morning. We're reading a lot about climate change today.

The global recession will lead to a three percent drop in greenhouse gas emissions this year, the International Energy Agency says, giving the citizens of Planet Earth a rare chance to get ahead of climate change. The IEA says the world will need to spend $10 trillion on renewable energy and carbon abatement over the next 20 years (WSJ, subs. requ'd).

Meanwhile, a group of economists says that with enough technological advances, the price of radically cutting greenhouse gases could fall to one to three percent of the global economy.

President Obama is considering ways to coax companies into hiring again.

Finally, the New York Times runs a check on prepaid debit cards, whose face value can get gobbled up by fees for every purchase and withdrawal.