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Links for the Climate Talks

I'm set up here in Copenhagen with my colleague Richard Harris. The place is entirely overwhelming, like an indoor city with 4 restaurants and several nieghborhoods, one for journalists, one for diplomats, one for the environmentalists.

If you want to follow events from home as the world tries (once again) to save itself from itself, here are some things I have bookmarked.

On twitter: follow #cop15 or here.

The official UN site with actual draft documents.
The Danish site for the talks, with news updates.

The NYT has a nice summary of the big players and their positions.

Here's Richard's summary of what might emerge. And NPR's Chris Joyce laying out the technological challenges the world will face if it reaches a treaty.

The Climate Scoreboard tallies what the countries' pledges amount to.
Freshair is a collection of bloggers and environmentalists.
The Climate Action Network gives out a "fossil of the day" award for the country they think has done the most to impede progress. Canada has been racking them up.

Here's the video that kicked off the talks, where a girl's stuffed polar bear falls into a crack in the earth.